One of the objects of the Military Order of the Purple Heart is education.

The Educational Objects of our Order are based solidly on the ‘Faith of our Fathers’ reverence to God, and loyalty to Country.  We advocate the teaching and influencing of our youth and new citizens in a loyal appreciation of the heritage of American citizenship with its responsibilities, as well as its rights and privileges. 


To meet this object we work in many ways from providing speakers across the state to speak to school, organizations, and many other public and private events. To see about getting a combat wounded veteran near you to speak at your event CLICK HERE.


Through the Purple Heart Trail Program the department and it's patriots have worked with several college's and universities across the state to assist veterans enrolled in their programs. To see a list of the college's and universities have made several adjustment and changed requirements to better help veteran's and those leaving the service and trying to adjust to college CLICK HERE.


At the 2018 Department Convention, the Department of Georgia instituted a scholarship program. This scholarship will be awarded at the annually at the Jan/Feb Department Executive meeting. To see if you are eligible and download the application packet CLICK HERE.