• A Chapter may be formed on the application of twelve (12) or more individuals eligible for active membership in MOPH. Current members who reside in the vicinity of the new Chapter but belonging to another Chapter farther away may be invited to join the new Chapter and may be Charter members in the new Chapter.
  • The Department Commander must grant permission to start a Chapter when the Chapter is in a state that is a Department. Permission must be granted by the Region Commander if the state is not a Department.

  • The Charter application must be signed by the Department Adjutant if the state is a Department. If the State is not a Department, the Region Commander must sign the Charter application.

  • A member forming a new Chapter is designated as the Organizer. A Starter Kit ​is sent to the Organizer by the MOPH National Headquaters when written Permission is granted by the Department or Region. The kit includes a Charter Application, Election Report, Brochures, Transfer Forms, Deceased Reports, Bylaws, Robert's Rules of Order, Form SS-4 for Federal Tax ID number, Supply List, Supply Order Forms, Recruiting and Advertising materials, Life Member Applications and a copy of the current Purple heart magazine.

  • The new Chapter must obtain a Federal Tax ID Number (Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN), ​using the IRS Form SS-4 from the Starter Kit or by applying online at the IRS website:(   Department and Chapters may not use Tax ID Number of MOPH National Headquarters or the Tax ID Number of any other Department or Chapter. When applying for a Tax ID, use the MOPH Group Exemption Number (GEN 1495) indicated on the sample form when applying. It is critical to report your Tax ID number to Membership Department of MOPH Headquarters when received from IRS.

  • HEARTBEAT*If you don't report your EIN to MOPH Headquarters membership, you will NOT be included under the MOPH umbrella as a tax exempt organization. And you will not be able to file the 990N until your EIN is recognized as tax exempt.

  • A number for the new Chapter will be assigned by National headquarters. Once the number is assigned and the Chapter is chartered, the Chapter number is not used for any other location and there can be no duplication of Chapter numbers.

  • Chapters must choose a name. Recommend that you form a small committee to research and recommend appropriate names for the members to consider. The name could be combat-related, a geographical location, or the name of a deceased local hero which would foster closer relations between the Chapter and its host community. If you choose a deceased person, written permission to use his or her name must be obtained from the closest relatives. No Chapter can be named after a living person.
  • The new Chapter may hold organizational meetings and elect officers, but they cannot be installed until the Chapter is instituted. The officers may be installed on the same day, but following Charter institution.

  • The Charter Application must be submitted to the MOPH National Headquarters at least two weeks prior to the Chapter instillation in order for the members to be processed, the Charter to be printed, and returned to the Chapter. The Charter Application may be forwarded before all names of Charter members are Listed. (All member names listed in the national database and assigned to the organizing Chapter will be listed on the charter when it is made.)
  • A Charter Application may be forwarded to National Headquarters with the request to hold the Charter for 30 to 90 days to add members. The Charter date can be provided at a later date.

  • ​A date must be set for the institution of the Chapter, and National Headquarters notified of the date. The official institution date will be inscribed on the Charter. Since this is a very important event, send invitations to all Department, Region, and National officers, as well as appropriate local officials. Well-organized publicity of this event may bring in additional members.

  • Newly installed Chapters receive, at no charge: three copies of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Constitution, Bylaws and Ritual, one Chapter Commander pin, one MOPH & American flag desk set and the Chapter Charter.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Department of Georgia currently has 10 Chapters spread across the State. The map to the left will show you the locations of the chapters and the general areas they cover. While we do not have all counties currently assigned to a specific chapter the department does assist all veterans in every county. 

We are currently establishing new chapters across the state. If you are someone you know might want to join please CLICK HERE

To find a chapter near you, you can click on a location marker or continue scrolling down. If you are in a county that is currently gray or would like to start a chapter closer to you, we would like to hear from you. Please CONTACT US and a department officer will get back with you shortly.