Why Join MOPH?

Lineal Relative

Are you a lineal relative of a Purple Heart Medal Recipient? If so, you qualify for Associate Membership in the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Work side by side with Purple Heart recipients to continue the legacy of these brave men and women who gave so much for this country.

To be eligible for Associate membership, you must be a spouse, parent, sibling, or lineal descendant of either a living or deceased Purple Heart recipient.

All persons of good moral character who are awarded the Purple Heart Medal by the Government of the United States AND are not dishonorably discharged are eligible for active membership in the Military Order of the Purple Heart of the U.S.A.

"DO YOU REMEMBER that far off battlefield when your unit first came under fire? DO YOU REMEMBER when you were injured? DO YOU REMEMBER when you first arrived home thinking no one understand what I have seen, done, or my injuries.

"Imagine a BROTHERHOOD where the members DO UNDERSTAND, because they have been there, seen that, suffered through the injuries. Imagine a place that you can help other veterans actually feel that someone understand."    - John Flener, Commander Chapter 1000

We also have a Ladies Auxiliary, please check out the LAMOPH tab below.

​Purple Heart Recipient