UGA Military Appreciation Game (18 November 2017)

(L-R)  Mike Robey, Commissioner Georgia Department of Veterans Service, Farris Johnson, Commander of the Georgia Department of the MOPH, Curry Haynes, Doug Middleton, past Commander of the Georgia Department of MOPH, and Brian West, Commander of the northeast Georgia Chapter 531 of the MOPH.

(L-R) Jim Wood, Jeffery Martin, Farris Johnson, and Michael Schulman

Chapter 531 Attends Memorial Day Services (29 May 2017)

MOPH Chapter 531 NE GA honored Patriot John Cranmer (R) with the Chapter's Patriot of the Year Award for 2016-2017. Chapter Commander, Brian West (L) presents the award to John during the monthly meeting on April 12th, at the Hilltop Grille, Athens, GA. John serves as Senior Vice Commander, as well as, Chaplain for the Chapter. John also is the Chaplain for the MOPH Department of Georgia. John is an extremely dedicated Patriot, spending over 600 hours for the year doing community service and visitations to veterans and their families. John is indeed a "MVP" (Most Valuable Purple Hearter)

Emanuel College Purple Heart College Ceremony

U.S. Navy Captain John Hancock Honored (7 May 2017)

Chapter 531 Patriots, Brian West (L) and John Cranmer (R) pose for Homestead Hospice pinning ceremony for a Vietnam Era Army Veteran in Toccoa, GA, June 20, 2017. The client received a Homestead Hospice / American flag pin, a beautiful Quilt of Valor, two challenge coins, and a certificate. The veteran and his family were very appreciative of the honors and gifts.

Brian West, Commander, Chapter 531

Chapter 531 Patriots Visit Homestead Hospice (27 March 2017)

​(L-R) Bowles Dean, John McGilvray, Janice McGilvray, and John Hancock

Quilts of Valor Presentation (13 December 2017)

Homestead Hospice - Athens Recognition Dinner (19 April 2017)

Chapter 531 Patriot, Curry T. Haynes, 71 of White Planes, GA, passed away on July 16, 2017. His Celebration of Life service was on July 29th at the Grace Fellowship Church,  Greensboro, GA. Curry will be well remembered for his service as an Army Infantryman in Vietnam serving in the 173rd Airborne Brigade, Company C of the 503rd Infantry where he received 10 Purple Hearts, during intensive combat action in December 1967 and again on May 8, 1968. Curry was honored by the State of Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal, for his exemplary meritorious service to his country in October 2015. At the same awards ceremony held at the University of Georgia, Purple Heart National, represented by Doug Middleton recognized Curry for his service and the 10 Purple Hearts that Curry had received. Curry was a fine soldier and even better Christian man. He will be sorely missed.

John Hancock Quilt of Honor (16 November 2017)

US Navy Captain (retired) John Hancock stands on the deck of the USS Yorktown CV-10 reminiscing back 75 years earlier when he was a 17 year old seaman stationed in the gun turret (in the background directly above his head) on the USS Yorktown CV-5 manning a 50 caliber, water cooled machine gun firing at the enemy during the Battle of Midway, June 1942. The Yorktown was heavily damaged and eventually sunk.

Patriot John Hancock in the Captain's Chair of the USS Yorktown during Chapter 531's tour to Patriots Point, Mt. Pleasant, SC. "Turn 10 degrees Port, and FULL SPEED AHEAD"

Henry Lord Receives MOPH Award (23 May 2017)

Chapter 531 Meeting (8 Feb 2017)

(L-R) Jim Wood, Captain Michael Schulman, and Farris Johnson.

UGA had Military Appreciation Day at the Georgia vs Kentucky football game, November 18, 2018 at Georgia's Sanford Stadium. All members and their guests of MOPH Chapters in the Department of Georgia were invited to attend.  Chapter 531, NE GA  under  coordination by Senior Vice Commander, John Dowd helped to make the event a very smooth running event. Fun was had by all along the sidelines and on the field with the Georgia Red Coat Band playing patriotic and military music saluting the Purple Hearters lined up on the field during halftime. Featured soloist, Baritone, Timothy Miller with his booming voice led the fans in singing "God Bless America" The Georgia Air National Guard  out of Dobbins Air Force Base did a flyover with one of their big jets after the "Star Spangled Banner" at the start of the game.

Chapter 531 Commander & Adjutant (2017)

UGA Football Game

Chapter 531 Commander Brian West (L) and Adjutant Jim Creager (R) at the first meeting of 2017.  

Veteran's Day Commemoration (11 November 2017)

Chapter 531, NE GA had the installation of officers for the coming year at its regular meeting time 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 10th at the Hilltop Grille, 2310, West Broad Street, Athens, GA 30606. The happy members pose outside in celebration. U.S. Navy Captain (retired) John Hancock gave brief highlights of his visit to New York where he was honored along with other US sailors and Australian sailors of WWII at the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea. Prime Minister of Australia, Malcom Turnbull was in attendance, USA  Vice President, Mike Pence, and President Donald Trump were there. Patriot, Phil Basinger, received a special treat with a special cake for his birthday.

(L-R) Jim Goff, John Dowd, game committee chairmen

MOPH Chapter 531 gathered for the Memorial Day Services at the Oconee County Veterans' Memorial in Watkinsville on Monday, May 29, 2017. Heavy rain storms forced the ceremonies inside.

Purple Heart Veterans Share Combat Stories at Patriots' Point (22 March 2017)

(L-R) Lavonia Police Chief Bruce Carlisle, Chapter 531 Commander, Brian West, Patriot Jim Wood, and MOPH Department of Georgia Commander Farris Johnson.

​(L-R) Bowles Dean, John McGilvray, Farris Johnson, Brian West, John Hancock, and Jim Wood

Doug Middleton, Past Commander of the Georgia Department MOPH representing the National MOPH, presents special recognition to Curry Haynes for his heroic and distinguished service to America. Curry Haynes, has received ten (10) Purple Hearts during his tour in Vietnam. Ten Purple Hearts is the most ever awarded in the history of America.

MOPH Chapter 531, northeast Georgia presented MOPH First Responder Citation Awards to two Lavonia, GA, Police Officers on 11 February 2017 at the First Baptist Church of Lavonia. Captain Michael Schulman and Officer Jeffery Martin earned the citations by being seriously wounded during a routine traffic stop on 13 December 2016. The church was packed with local citizens and government dignitaries in honoring  two of Lavonia's  finest men. The ceremonies were fittingly beautiful. MOPH Department of Georgia, Commander, Farris Johnson presented the awards. Patriot Jim Wood coordinated all the footwork in obtaining the citation.  Photographs were taken by Aurelia Wood.

(L-R) U.S. Navy Captain (retired) and fellow MOPH Patriot, John Hancock, W.C. Moncus, and wife, Jean Moncus await the patriotic ceremonies.

(L-R) Kathy Haynes, wife of Curry Haynes, Sarah H. Standard, Curry's sister.  Patriot Jim Wood and wife Aurelia in background

Mike Robey (L), Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Veterans Service presents to U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran, Curry Haynes, a special proclamation from the Governor, Nathan Deal for Curry's heroic and distinguished service for his country. Curry received ten (10) Purple Hearts during his tour in Vietnam. Curry has received the most Purple Hearts of any service man in the history of the United States of America.

​MOPH Chapter 531 NE GA has three Patriots that do regular veteran volunteer visitations for Homestead Hospice - Athens, Jim Wood, John Cranmer, and Brian West. On March 27, 2017 John Cranmer and Brian West joined up with Homestead Hospice - Athens, Volunteer Coordinator, Heather De Los Santos for a "pinning" of two new hospice veterans at the Oaks of Braselton in Hoschton, GA. One of the men was a 99 year old WWII US Army Veteran. The other was a 90 year old USMC Korean War Veteran. Each of the men were presented with a "Homestead Hospice American Flag Pin", a "Quilt of Valor", and a challenge coin. The WWII vet's challenge coin was a "WWII Victory Coin". The Marine's coin was a "USMC - Semper Fi". It was a very emotional ceremony with the veterans and their family members being extremely grateful for the honors.

​(John McGilvray with wife Janice (A faithful MOPH activities volunteer) pose with the Chapter's Purple Heart Wreath

MOPH Chapter 531 member U.S. Navy, Captain (retired), John Hancock was the Honored Special Guest at the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway aboard the USS Yorktown CV-10 in Mt. Pleasant, SC. on 5 June 2017. Captain Hancock was a 17 years old seaman, manning a 50 caliber, water-cooled machine gun, firing at the enemy, when a bomb exploded killing many Marines and sailors, and wounding John Hancock. When the "abandon ship" order was given, John Hancock drifted at sea, covered in oil, with only his life vest for flotation for several hours before 
being rescued by a Navy destroyer.

Patriot Curry T. Haynes

MOPH Chapter 531 Monthly Meeting (10 May 2017)

(L-R) Jim Wood, Officer Jeffery Martin, Farris Johnson.

Curry Haynes of White Plains, GA, stands proudly wearing the ten (10) Purple Hearts that he was awarded during his service in Vietnam.

Chapter 531 at City of Madison

Purple Heart Ceremony

Left to Right

Leonard Holbert, Donald Harris, John McGilvray,

Scott Sellars, Mayor Fred Perriman, John Cranmer, Brian West, L.T. Crawford and Jim Goff

Chapter 531 at East Jackson County Comprehensive High School's Veterans and public Safety Recognition Night, August 22 2014, before the opening football game.

Left to Right (in purple) Russ Murray with service dog "Ellie", Brian West, Jeff Goff and John McGilvray

Chapter 531 accepts jackson County Purple Heart Proclamation

Patriots Farris Johnson, Bob Ham and Jim Goff along with City of Auburn Mayor, City Council and City Staff At Purple Heart City Ceremony

​3 July 2014


John Cranmer

(706) 342-8944


Jim Creager

(706) 231-1051

Meeting Place: Hilltop Grille

2310 West Broad Street, Athens, Georgia 30606

Meeting Day: 2nd Wednesday of Month

Time: ​1130 Hrs (11:30 am) 

N.E. Georgia, Chapter 531



​Total Members 70

Chapter 531 First Responder Citation Awards (11 Feb 2017)

John Cranmer Service Award (12 April 2017)

Nine Patriots and three guests of MOPH Chapter 531, NE GA visited the Patriots' Point facility in Mount Pleasant, SC, on March 22nd as honored guests. The two main attractions at Patriots' Point are the USS Yorktown CV-10, and the Vietnam Experience Village. One of Chapter 531's Patriots, US Navy retired Captain John Hancock served on the USS Yorktown CV-5, during the historic Battle of Midway in WWII as a 17 year old seaman manning a 50 caliber, water cooled machine gun fighting off the enemy. John Hancock was wounded when a bomb hit near him causing extensive damage and killing many sailors and Marines. John Hancock drifted at sea for several hours after the command to "abandon ship' was given for the crew of the heavily damaged Yorktown that eventually was sunk.

Patriots attending the field trip were: John Hancock, Brian West, Jim Wood, Danny Wilson, Richard "Olie" Olsen, Mike Boyd, Bowles Dean, John Dowd, and Jim Creager. Special recognition and "Job Well Done" goes to Patriot, Danny Wilson who was our driver and provider of the bus owned by the Centennial Baptist Church of Madison, GA. The whole trip time was in excess of 12 hours.​​

 Ed Chin receives his quilt from a  High School ROTC Cadet;  Anne Flippen, Athens / Oconee County Co-Ordinator of Quilts of Valor Foundation in the foreground.

Homestead Hospice Recognition Ceremony  (26 June 2017)

Newspaper article in the Sunday, May 7, 2017 edition of the Athens Banner written by Loran Smith. The news column appeared in the paper in conjunction with U.S. Navy Captain (retired) John Hancock attending and being an honored guest at the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea of which John Hancock was a 17 year old sailor on the USS Yorktown CV-5. President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and Prime Minister of Australia, Malcom Turnbull were in attendance. 

Saturday in the South!

Homestead Hospice Pinning Ceremony  (20 June 2017)

(L) W.C. Moncus, (R) Ed Chin, WWII Navy Corpsman with the Marines serving in Saipan in the Pacific.

MOPH Northeast Georgia Chapter 531 members pose for pictures after receiving the Georgia Vietnam Veterans Certificate of Honor at ceremonies held at the University of Georgia Tate Center on October 11, 2015. Presenting  the awards Mike Robey, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Veterans Service (far left), U.S. Congressman, Georgia 10th District, Jody Hice (center) presented each veteran with the Department of Defense pin, and past MOPH Georgia Department Commander, Doug Middleton (holding sign) representing the National MOPH.

MOPH Chapter 531, Patriot, U.S. Navy, Captain (retired) John Hancock, WWII veteran and participant in the Battle of the Coral Sea and Battle of Midway, aboard the U.S.S. Yorktown was presented a "Quilt of Honor" by The Elijah Clarke Chapter DAR in Athens, GA. on November 16, 2017.

Homestead Hospice - Athens held its annual recognition and thank you for volunteering dinner at the Homestead Hospice office in Bogart, GA., April 19, 2017. (L-R) Volunteer Coordinator, Heather De Los Santos, poses with the three veterans' volunteers from MOPH Chapter 531, NE GA, John Cranmer, Jim Wood, and Brian West. These three Patriots handle the bulk of the volunteer visitations to fellow veterans that Homestead Hospice has under its care.

Curry Haynes addressing the audience after receiving his well deserved accolades.

Chapter 531, NE GA, Patriots (L-R) Brian West, Richard "Ole" Olsen, John Dowd, John McGilvray, and Boyles Dean commemorate Veterans' Day, 11-11-2017 at Oconee County Veterans' Memorial Park, Watkinsville, GA, on a sunny, cold, blustery windy day. Presentation of the colors was performed by Sons of the American Revolution.

W.C. Moncus  seeing his quilt unfolded.

Ed Chin receiving his quilt.

Chapter 531 Patriot, Gunnery Sgt., USMC (retired), W.C. Moncus, Korean War Veteran of the Frozen Chosin Reservoir was honored along with four other veterans with a "Quilt of Valor" from the Quilts of Valor Foundation presented on 12-13-207 at the Lyndon House in Athens, GA.

Patriot Curry T. Haynes Celebration of Life  (16 July 2017)

​(L-R) Farris Johnson, Brian West, and John Hancock

Heather De Los Santos, Volunteer Coordinator for Homestead Hospice, and Patriot Brian West presented 94 year old WWII US Army veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, a "Quilt of Valor", WWII Victory Challenge Coin, Homestead Hospice recognition pin and certificate of honor at the veteran's home in Auburn, GA on June 26, 2017. The veteran's son and daughter-in-law were present for the awards, and very grateful for the recognition that he received.

The University of Georgia sponsored and recognized The Military Order of the Purple Heart along with the military veterans of the UGA Lettermen's Club at the November 7th football game between UGA and Kentucky. MOPH northeast GA Chapter #531 made all the arrangements for all MOPH members,and their guests throughout GA to attend. Patriots John Dowd and Jim Goff headed up the coordination of the event. Patriot John McGilvray and his wife Janice arranged for all the delicious goodies at the welcoming corner. All the veterans were recognized on the field at halftime with several patriotic musical arrangements by the UGA Redcoat Band. The game got off to a ROARING start with two F-16 fighter jets doing a high speed low altitude flyover. Georgia won the game. A great time was had by all.

Five veterans wrapped (hugged) in their quilts.

Henry Lord (L) receives the MOPH, JROTC Leadership Award from Patriot Brian West (R), Chapter 531 at the Banks County High School, Awards' Day, May 23, 2017. Henry is a rising junior. He has been the Cadet Staff Sgt. both his freshman and sophomore years. Rank and billets are assigned at the beginning of the school calendar year. His name was called on many other awards from within the JROTC Dept. Henry is a well deserving Leadership Award winner.  Henry has been a life long resident of Banks County. 

Janice McGilvray and John McGilvray, refreshment tailgate committee

Chapter 531 Patriot John Hancock Honored (5 June 2017)

 (L-R) Chapter 531 members Farris Johnson, John Hancock, Brian West, Ole Olsen, Jim Goff, John McGilvray, Robert Nelson (Sr. Vice Commander, Dept. GA), John Cranmer, and Jim Wood

The recipient of the MOPH JROTC Award for Banks County High School is Joshua Hurley. Joshua is a rising senior and will be the Command Sgt. Major for the unit next year. Pictured (L-R) parents, Patrick Hurley, Crystal Hurley, Joshua Hurley, and Brian West, Commander, MOPH Chapter 531, NE GA. Award ceremonies were held at the high school on May 19, 2015. Chief James Porter, CW4, US Army retired, heads up the JROTC at Banks County High School assisted by 1st Sgt. Wagenknecht, US Army Ranger, retired.